Monday, September 27, 2010

a poodle skirt...the beginning.

Hi, Tina here!  Tonight I started on Emily's poodle skirt for Halloween.  I know, I know...Halloween is still 34 days away, but if I screw this up, I'll need some time to recover! 

I'm using McCall's MP372(found at at a Walmart near you)  This is not the first time that I've used McCall's, but I always seem to struggle with them at one point or another(you'll see!).  That could just be part of my inexperience though! 
I ordered 2 yards of felt.  2 YARDS--for a skirt to fit a string bean 4 year old!!  I took it out of the box and thought it was a "Snuggie"!  So maybe I bought a tad too much, but I can always use the leftovers...and it would really suck if I came up short.
I found the pattern pieces that I would need, and laid the pieces on the floor.  I like doing this on the floor, those full pattern pieces are ginormous!  I rubbed out the wrinkles and cut on the appropriate lines.
I placed my pieces on the felt.  This is where I got confused.  When the pattern says "Place on fold"--this is not a suggestion!  Place it ON the FOLD!  Follow the diagrams, it works, trust me! 
Once I figured out how to follow the directions, I pinned my pieces and cut them out.
Since the skirt is for Halloween, I decided to use the cat.  I scotch taped it to the black felt and cut it out.  OK, so maybe that's not the appropriate way to cut something out...but i didn't have any fancy spray adhesive or even a white chalk I made due!
Next, I used my old buddy-Liquid Stitch, to glue on some sequined trim for her collar.  Cats wear collars, right?
At the moment, I have the trim weighted down until it drys(I'll trim the excess tomorrow).  I thought that I had some green buttons for her eyes, but I can't find them!  This is where I called it a night!

Not bad for 90 minutes of work.  It would have been less, but I had to get passed reading the instructions!   In my opinion, its easier to take it one step at a time...don't read ahead!  You'll end up looking back and forth from the fabric to the directions thinking that it would just be easier to buy the finished product instead of sewing it yourself! 

On a side note... You will notice that my sister's pictures are WAY better than mine!  I'm still using a crappy, almost 5 year old point and shoot---that my son likes to throw around!  Marie has a gorgeous Nikon DSLR.  Seriously, angels sing when this thing comes out of the case!  Well, they do in my head anyway!!   Thanks for reading! :o)

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