Friday, October 29, 2010

scrappy sock scarf--halloween edition!!

today i am going to emily's halloween parade.  i don't necessarily want to dress up, but i'd like to show some "spirit"...get it, "spirit" heh heh....

i had purchased a 2 pack of halloween knee socks from walmart a couple of months ago for $5.  then i realized that i got ripped off, but was too lazy to return them.  i have been resenting these socks since then.  until last night...payback.  i turned those socks(plus a pair that i already had, but never wore) into a scarf that now actually feels worth the 5 bucks!!  i found this idea over @ ruffles and stuff a while ago!

i used two pairs of knee socks and one pair of ankle socks.  you can basically use whatever you need to get the length that you like!!  you'll see an extra sock in my pic...that was an old dirty one.  needless to say, it didn't get used!!

cut the socks apart like so...
lay the pieces out in a pattern you like...
then take one piece and turn it inside out, and place it over its neighbor.  line up the edges and stitch together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.
turn right side out and repeat until you run out of pieces! 
i used the elastic ends of the socks for the beginning and end, and just left them open.  when i was finished i gave it a quick press. 

this only took me about an hour to do! 

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