Monday, February 7, 2011

nana's napkin quilt

if its sentimental, i'm all over it!  our great grandmother hand embroidered just about anything.  napkins, pillow cases, tablecloths--you name it, it probably had a hand embroidered flower on it!!  when she passed, our grandma got all of it.  i can remember thanksgivings and easters with nana's tablecloths draped over everything!
when grandma passed, the linens got distributed amongst her daughters and granddaughters.  i had more tablecloths and napkins than i knew what to do with!   for the last 4 1/2 years they have been tucked away here and there around the house.  occasionally i would pull something out-mostly just to smell grandma's fabric softener, but also to look at it and walk down memory lane for a bit.  i miss her. 

i didn't want them on a dark shelf anymore, they needed to be displayed...but in my own way.  it hurt a little to cut them up...but it the end, i will have something that emily will be able to treasure and share with her daughter(s).

when i saw moda's dream on line, i knew it would be the perfect blend of vintage and lady like. 
i purchased one dream on charm pack, one dream on jelly roll, and one bella solid jelly roll in snow.

using nana's napkins, i cut 5x5 squares around the flowers, and using the dream on jelly roll, made a border around them.

next, i put borders around the charm squares using the snow jelly roll.
last night, i put the rows together.  now i am pondering my next move.  i haven't decided if i'm going to add anything in between the rows, or just sew them together and add a border.  i'm going to play around tonight and see what i come up with.  
i'm loving how its coming out though.  i think nana and grandma would be proud!

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